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About CVCS

Nestled in the heart of Central Virginia, the Central Virginia Chinese School (CVCS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of its students through Chinese language and culture. Offering both Chinese as a Heritage Language (CHL) and Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) programs, alongside a variety of activity classes, CVCS serves as a vibrant community hub that bridges linguistic and cultural boundaries.

Suburban Street


Central Virginia Chinese School was founded in 1996 by a group of parents who wanted to provide their children with an opportunity to learn Chinese language and culture. Over the years, we have grown into the largest weekend Chinese School in the Greater Richmond area, serving hundreds of students each semester. Our experienced and dedicated faculty are committed to providing the highest quality education to our students.


At the core of CVCS's mission is the promotion of Chinese language proficiency. The CHL program is designed for students with Chinese heritage to connect with their roots and enhance their language skills. The CSL program welcomes learners from all backgrounds who want to explore the Chinese language and culture. Whether you're a heritage speaker or a complete novice, CVCS provides a supportive and inclusive environment for all.

Raising a Hand


Our teaching team is composed of experienced and dedicated teachers who are passionate about teaching Chinese language and culture. They are committed to providing the best possible learning experience for our students.

李莎 Sha Li

学前班 CHL-K

孟赟 Yun Meng

二年级 2nd Grade

胡君平 Junping Hu

三年级 3rd Grade

Emma Walton

​六年级 6th Grade, CSL 1

Charles Xiao

国际象棋 1 Chess 1

顾磊 Lei Gu

古筝 Chinese Zither

鲍俊莉 Junli Bao

一年级 1st Grade

郭洁 Jie Guo

二年级 2nd Grade

王熙 Xi Wang

​四年级 4th Grade

向宏 Stacy Xiang

​八年级 8th Grade, CSL 3

Albert Liu

国际象棋 2 Chess 2


Advanced Math

李华丽 Huali Li

一年级 1st Grade

吴赟 Yun Wu

三年级 3rd Grade

李晶 Jing Li

五年级 5th Grade

时张弈 Zhangyi Shi

中文AP, CSL 2

吴赟 Yun Wu

美术 Art

谢丹丹 Dandan Xie

Social Dance


All of our board members are volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to serving at CVCS.

Qingguo Xu


Xi Wang

Director (Treasure)

Chuan Li

Director (IT)

Shutao Xing

Director (School Safety and Discipline)

Stacy Xiang

Vice Principal (Community Relations)

Connie Cao

Director (Accounting)

Jiangyan Liu

Director (Community Relations)

Xiang Zhang

Director (Community Relations)

Yanxiao Zhao

Vice Principal (Curriculum)

Bonnie Zhang

Director (Accounting)

Dandan Xie

Director (Curriculum)

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